January 2023
Pacific Coast Manufacturing

“We knew that if we wanted to be competitive, we needed to team up with AMADA and invest in their equipment and automation.”
Jim Poremba, General Manager

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January 2023
PWR North America

“PWR is constantly advancing automotive cooling technology. Our partnership with AMADA enables us to maintain our leadership position.”
Steve Rasso, General Manager

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July 2022
Weistec Engineering

“Our customers demand quality and high-performance second to none. AMADA technology enables us to deliver.”
Michael Weiss, President & CEO

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December 2021
Robinson, Inc.

“AMADA equipment is solid. Unmatched reliability and exceptional support are key factors in our 40-year partnership.”
Sam Thomas, General Manager

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December 2021
RGF Environmental Group, Inc.

“In the midst of COVID, our partnership with AMADA enabled us to successfully respond toa 500% increase in the demand for our prooducts”
Walter Ellis, Executive VP/GM

October 2021
Architectural Grille

“By leveraging AMADA’s industry-leading technology, Architectural Grille has grown from a small family mom and pop shop into the 60-plus-employee organization it is today.”
Stephen Giumenta, Vice Presidet/Design Engineer

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June 2021
Microform Precision, LLC

“Our current growth rate exceeds 35%. That wouldn’t be possible without our ENSIS Fiber Lasers and automation.”
Tim Rice, President/Owner

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May 2021
General A & E

“The HRB ATC ensures repeatable precision and has reduced our setup times by over 70%.”
John Baker, President

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December 2020
Metko Inc.

“We see where AMADA is taking technology and we want to be with them at the forefront of the curve.”
Patrick McCarthy VP of Business

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November 2020
P&S Machining & Fabrication

“ENSIS cuts thin materials up to 10 times faster than our CO2 laser and the ARs reduced our bending setups by 80-90%.”
Mike Scoggins, President & CEO

Testimonial download: P&S Machining & Fabrication     

November 2020
Sunkist Research and Technical Services (RTS)

“Our customers demand highly customized products. Thankfully, AMADA technology ensures speed to market”
Aaron Gorsky, General Manager Sunkist – Research & Technical Services

Testimonial download: Sunkist Research and Technical Services (RTS)     

May 2020

“We chose AMADA because we wanted the ability to cut and ship custom parts in as little as 12 hours””
Jim Belosic, CEO of SendCutSend

Testimonial download: SendCutSend    

February 2020
Acorn Engineering Company

“Seven specific jobs that used to take 43 hours are now completed in less than 50 minutes””
Don Morris, President of Acorn Engineering Company

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August 2019
ALL-Fab, Inc.

“The 9kW ENSIS fiber laser saves us over 2 hours a day — simply by eliminating setup.””
Guy Schiefelbein, President of All-Fab, Inc.

Testimonial download: ALL-Fab, Inc.     

February 2019
Vernier Metal Fabricating, Inc.

“Our green-light-on time increased from 30% to 80%.”
Ed Zerjav, President of Vernier Metal Fabricating, Inc.

Testimonial download: Vernier Metal Fabricating, Inc.     

January 2019
Superior Equipment Solutions

“Our bending setups have increased 400% per day.”
Jeff Elliot, COO of Superior Equipment Solutions

Testimonial download: Superior Equipment Solutions    

NSA Industries
August 2018
NSA Industries

“10-bend part with acute side angles and narrow flanges, 800 parts per shift... Zero problems.”
Matt Smith, Vice President of Sales, NSA Industries

Testimonial download: NSA Industries     

Southern Metalcraft, Inc.
May 2018
Southern Metalcraft, Inc.

“The addition of the LCG 3015 AJ, HG 1003 ATC and HG 2204 to our shop floor not only tripled our capacity but provided us with unprecedented speed and quality.”
Greg Williams, President of Southern Metalcraft, Inc.

Testimonial download: Southern Metalcraft, Inc.     

Ometek, Inc.
December 2017
Tenere, Inc.

“With the HG ATCs, we’ve seen an 85-90% reduction in setup time. The automated sheet follower system does much more than assist with the handling of large or heavy parts, it works in tandem with the ATC — enabling us to obtain unprecedented consistency and repeatable results.”
John Wikre, General Manager of Tenere’s Metals Division

Testimonial download: Tenere, Inc.     

October 2017
Ometek, Inc.

“With the ACIES Punch/Fiber Laser our throughput is 3 times greater than our turret punch presses, and 50% more than our CO2 punch/laser combination machine.”
Tom Mackessy, President Ometek, Inc

Testimonial download: Ometek, Inc.     

Metalcrafters, Inc.
December 2016
Metalcrafters, Inc.

“The LCG 3015 AJ Fiber Laser and ASFH automation allow us to operate 24/7. In today’s competitive marketplace, AMADA has enabled us to be a more cost effective option for our customers.”
Marty Tucker, Vice President Metalcrafters, Inc

Testimonial download: Metalcrafters, Inc.     

De Frusne Manufacturing Company
November 2016
Du Fresne Manufacturing Company

“AMADA’s punch/fiber laser technology and Automatic Tool Changer transformed our business. Now, we deliver parts in hours instead of days and at a lower overall cost.””
Bob Du Fresne, President/Owner of Du Fresne Manufacturing Company

Testimonial download: Du Fresne Manufacturing Company     

EVS Metals Inc.
August 2016
Pacific Maritime Industries

“We had been working on a $1.5 million bid for nearly a year. AMADA enabled us to decrease our cycle times by 60%, maximize quality, and secure the contract.”
Robert Kirkpatrick, General Manager of Pacific Maritime Industries

Testimonial download: Pacific Maritime Industries    

EVS Metals Inc.
July 2016
EVS Metal, Inc.

“Our greenlight on time has soared above 90%. AMADA’s innovative technologies and automated systems allow us to maximize machine utilization and attract new customers.”
Scott Berkowitz, President EVS Metal, Inc.

Testimonial download: EVS Metal, Inc.     

January 2016
L & T Precision Corporation

“AMADA’s C1 AJ and HG ATC allow us to seamlessly accommodate any job, anytime.”
Russell L. Nguyen, President/CEO L & T Precision Corporation

Testimonial download: L & T Precision Corporation     

weaver fab
October 2015
Weaver Precision Fabrication & Finishing

“AMADA’s technology, expertise, and commitment took our business to the next level.”
Jim Lauer, President Weaver Precision Fabrication & Finishing

Testimonial download: Weaver Precision Fabrication & Finishing     

alom shim manufacturing
July 2015
Aloma Shim and Manufacturing

“The exceptional ROI and outstanding service on our first purchase made AMADA the clear single-source choice for our next two purchases.”
Fred Grove, President Aloma Shim and Manufacturing

Testimonial download: Aloma Shim and Manufacturing     

general a & e
March 2015
General A&E

“AMADA’s punch/laser technology increased our production by 60%.”
Bella Baker Alexandrakis, Operations Manager General A&E

Testimonial download: General A&E     

cortec precision manufacturing
January 2015
Cortec Precision Manufacturing

“The HD ATC reduces setup times from hours to a matter of minutes. Seriously.”
Manuel Teschera, General Manager Cortec Precision Manufacturing

Testimonial download: Cortec Precision Manufacturing     

advanced fabrication solutions
August 2014
Advanced Fabrication Solutions

“The LCG allows us to cut over 400% faster than our previous laser.” Jarrod Hastings, President (Right) Bob Jones, Vice President
Jarrod Hastings, President Advanced Fabrication Solutions, Inc

Testimonial download: Advanced Fabrication Solutions     

standard iron and wire works inc.
May 2014
Standard Iron and Wire Works, Inc.

“The FLCAJ is 5 times faster than our CO2 lasers and gives us superior edge quality at alower cost-per-part. ”
Bill Demeules, Vice PresidentStandard Iron and Wire Works, Inc.

Testimonial download: Standard Iron and Wire Works, Inc.     

jay manufacturing
January 2014
Jay Manufacturing Oshkosh, Inc.

“Now, we can switch from flatsheet cutting to tube cutting in less than 2 minutes!”
Matt Jameson, President/COOJay Manufacturing, Oshkosh Inc.

Testimonial download: Jay Manufacturing Oshkosh, Inc.     

quick way manufacturing
October 2013
Quick Way Manufacturing

“We chose AMADA for their constant efforts to push technology to its limits. Now, we’re cutting our .030" CRS parts 4 times faster than ever before!”
Mike Lund, VP/General Manager Quick-Way Manufacturing, Inc.

Testimonial download: Quick Way Manufacturing    

boston retail products
July 2013
Boston Retail Products

“AMADA gave us the ability to produce what we want, when we want it — while enabling us to reduce processing times by 40%.”
Russell Rubin, CEO and President Boston Retail Products, Inc

Testimonial download: Boston Retail Products     

br metal technology inc.
August 2013
BR Metal Technology, Inc.

“Automatic tool changes give BR Metal five more bending hours per day and guaranteed repeatability.”
Boyd Dittmer, President BR Metal Technology, Inc.

Testimonial download: BR Metal Technology, Inc.    

metko inc.
January 2013
Metko, Inc.

“You can stick with current technology... or you can innovate. Partnering with the technology leader made a tough decision quite simple.”
Michael McCarthy, CEO/President METKO, Inc.

Testimonial download: Metko, Inc.    

badger sheet metal works
March 2012
Badger Sheet Metal Works

“For nearly 90 years our business has grown by exceeding our customers’ expectations. From quote to install, AMADA exceeded ours.”
Greg De Caster, CEO Badger Sheet Metal Works

Testimonial download: Badger Sheet Metal Works     

June 2012
Cambridge Metals and Plastics

“We leveraged our relationship with AMADA to achieve phenomenal growth rates during an extremely challenging and shrinking economy.”
Mike Glomski Vice President, Operations Cambridge Metals and Plastics

Testimonial download: Cambridge Metals and Plastics     

mcalpin industries
February 2012
McAlpin Industries

“AMADA listened. Their highly trained staff took a ‘however long it takes’ approach to address our challenges, without any kind of financial commitment, as they analyzed our entire print-to-product process.”
Mike McAlpin Executive Vice President McAlpin Industries

Testimonial download: McAlpin Industries    

rockford toolcraft inc.
April 2009
Rockford Toolcraft, Inc.

“Now we can cut 3 times faster and we’ve increased our cutting capability from 1/2" to 11/4" thickness.”
Tom Busse, Vice-President

Testimonial download: Rockford Toolcraft, Inc.     


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