Turret Punch Presses

EM 3612 ZRT Turret Punch Press

AMADA’s EM 3612 ZRT is an automated punching system that features a 33-ton turret punch press that’s equipped with a high capacity tool rack and an automatic tool changer. The system is able to house up to 300 tools and 600 dies — providing the optimal punching solution for variable-mixed and variable-lot production.


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EMK M2 Series Turret Punch Press

The EMK M2 Series turret punch press uses twin AC servo drives directly coupled to the drive shaft. AMADA’s drive system combines the simplicity of the original clutch and brake technology with the high speeds of the fastest hydraulic ram driven systems. The result is unmatched performance, superior reliability, and lower operating costs.

turret vpss

Products: [EMK M2 Series]      Brochure: EMK M2 Series Turret Punch Press


AE NT Series — Servo Drive Turret Punch Press

With more than 30,000 machines in operation, AMADA has earned a worldwide reputation as a leader in turret punch press technology. The AE NT Series was engineered as part of an ongoing commitment to provide manufacturers with the widest range of high-performance punching solutions. The AE NT Series is packed with a wide variety of standard features to ensure that parts are produced faster, easier and more economically.

AE-NT Series Punch Press vpss


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