Laser Cutting Systems


AMADA laser cutting systems utilize the latest advances in fiber laser and CO2 manufacturing technology that enable customers to maximize their productivity and profitability. The laser technology in AMADA fiber laser and CO2 cutting machines allows for high cutting speeds and the flexibility to process a wide range of materials like aluminum, steel, copper and brass resulting in Process Range Expansion (P.R.E.).

AMADA's Fiber Laser Cutting Systems and CO2 Laser Cutting Systems range from 3kW to 12kW. Their advanced motion and innovative beam delivery systems are engineered to raise productivity, increase cut quality and reduce operating costs.

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Fiber Laser Cutting Systems

REGIUS 3015 AJ Linear Fiber Laser

The REGIUS 3015 AJ fiber laser is the pinnacle in speed, accuracy, and machine utilization. The high-speed 3-axis linear drive system combined with AMADA’s original Variable Beam Control Technology allows the REGIUS to provide unmatched productivity while processing different materials. The REGIUS is also packed with features to support autonomous operation such as lens monitoring, collision recovery, and automatic nozzle change & centering.

REGIUS 3015 AJ Linear Fiber Laservpss

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BREVIS Series Compact Fiber Laser

BREVIS 1212 AJ compact 3kW fiber laser is loaded with a diverse range of machine features to support high-speed processing, easy material loading, with a footprint and capacity to efficiently accommodate small cell manufacturing.

BREVIS 1212 AJ compact 3kW fiber laservpss

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VENTIS 3015 AJ Fiber Laser — Now available in 4000 and 6000 watt

AMADA introduces the world’s first fiber laser cutting system with Locus Beam Control (LBC). LBC Technology can freely manipulate the laser beam to create an infinite number of locus patterns and greatly enhance cutting performance. In conventional fiber laser cutting systems, energy density reduces as material thickness increases, resulting in a lack of effi ciency. In marked contrast, LBC Technology offers flexible beam pattern control matched to each application, while retaining high-efficiency cutting and high energy density. As a result, VENTIS achieves cutting speeds up to 3 times faster than a conventional 4kW fiber laser while producing superior edge quality.

VENTIS fiber laservpss

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ENSIS Series Fiber Laser

AMADA's 3kW, 6kW, 9kW, and 12kW ENSIS fiber laser technology utilizes a highly innovative resonator to automatically and precisely adjust the diameter of the laser beam. This unique feature enables continuous processing of thin-to-thick materials by a single machine with no lens change or additional setup required.


ENSIS 3015 RI Fiber Laser — Now available in 3000, 6000, 9000 watt

AMADA engineered the 3kW ENSIS 3015 RI to include an innovative Rotary Index with the power and speed to efficiently transition from flat sheet to tube or pipe cutting. Incorporating fiber laser cutting technology helps users process a variety of tubing and pipe with greater speeds compared to a CO2 system.

fiber laser with rotary indexvpss

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CO2 Laser Cutting Systems

Pulsar NT Series

The Pulsar NT Series provides the latest developments in machine, CNC and laser resonator technologies. The Pulsar NT Series is designed for the high-volume, short-run production of sheet metal parts, featuring reliable high-speed processing, easy material loading, and automated unloading of multiple parts. The Pulsar series also features AMADA's advanced cutting technique, CleanCut™.

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Products: [Pulsar 1212 NT] [Pulsar 2415 NT]      Brochure: Pulsar NT Series



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