Fiber Laser Cutting Systems

ENSIS AJ Series Fiber Laser

The ENSIS AJ Series is a 2kW fiber laser cutting system that provides 4kW cutting capabilities. The ENSIS utilizes a highly innovative resonator to automatically and precisely adjust the diameter of the laser beam. This unique feature enables continuous processing of thin-to-thick materials by a single machine and no lens change or additional setup is required.


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LCG AJ Series Fiber Laser

The 2kW, 4kW and 6kW LCG AJ Series was developed with AMADA's proven fiber laser technology. This technology helps achieve Process Range Expansion (P.R.E.) by having the ability to process brass, copper and titanium — materials that can be difficult to process with a CO2 laser. With an innovative motion system and advanced structural design, the LCG AJ Series represents an optimal balance of cut speed, positioning acceleration, and overall accuracy.


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FLCAJ Fiber Laser

The FLCAJ’s fiber engine, combined with the fiber optic delivery cable, has greatly reduced machine operating costs and required maintenance. With no laser gas, mirrors, or moving parts in the laser source, and by consuming a fraction of the energy required by a comparable CO2 laser, the FLCAJ series makes laser processing more economical than ever before.

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FOL AJ Fiber Laser

Available in 2kW or 4kW, the FOL 3015 AJ defines what a fiber laser should be. AMADA has engineered the FOL AJ to produce the highest quality parts at unmatched speed while reducing operating costs and environmental waste. This innovative fiber laser was specifically engineered for cutting and it delivers the world's fastest linear speed.

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CO2 Laser Cutting Systems

LCG 3015

The LCG 3015 is the latest addition to AMADA's CO2 line of laser machines. The LCG was developed after listening to the voice of our customers who wanted a low-cost laser machine to meet their budget, but refused to compromise on cut quality, machine accuracy, and overall expandability. AMADA took these requests and achieved a machine that has a lower capital investment with a cutting edge resonator and an advanced motion system.

co2 laser cutting

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FOM2 RI 3015 NT

The FOM2 RI 3015 is engineered to include an innovative Rotary Index with the power and speed to efficiently cut mid to thick materials. The Rotary Index is located on one of three shuttle pallets—making it extremely easy to switch from flat sheet cutting to tube or pipe cutting.


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FOM2 3015 NT

The FOM2 3015 NT laser represents the third generation of AMADA’s proven FO series that was introduced in 1999. The FOM2 3015 NT combines features available on the FO series of lasers as well as some of the leading-edge technology available on AMADA’s F1 linear drive systems. Equipped with a solid-cast frame, water assisted cutting, and a high-precision motion system, the FOM2 3015 NT boasts new features such as automatic nozzle changer, cut process monitoring, and auto-pierce detection.

c02 laser cutting system

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LC F1 NT Series

The LC F1 NT Series is engineered to provide high-speed processing, ultra-precise accuracy, superior cutting quality and full-range capabilities. The innovative design of this new series also provides an extremely flexible, user-friendly layout in a remarkably small footprint. Featuring a 3-axis linear drive system, no lens change technology plus ultra-fast piercing and cutting, the LC F1 NT Series takes productivity to a new level. Additional features such as Cut Process Monitoring and an automatic nozzle changer, enable the LC F1 NT Series to set a new global standard for laser cutting systems.

LC C1 NT Series Laser Cutting

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Pulsar NT Series

The Pulsar NT Series provides the latest developments in machine, CNC and laser resonator technologies. The Pulsar NT Series is designed for the high-volume, short-run production of sheet metal parts, featuring reliable high-speed processing, easy material loading, and automated unloading of multiple parts. The Pulsar series also features AMADA's advanced cutting technique, CleanCut™.

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The Quattro provides the versatility of a production quality laser in a small package. It combines the latest design and development in machine, CNC and laser resonator technologies. The Quattro features a compact design, low operational and maintenance costs, ease of operation, and high performance-per-cost ratio.

Quatro Laser Cutting System

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