Bending Automation


EG 6013 AR

The EG 6013 AR is designed specifically for high speed bending of small complex parts, the whole system is designed for unmanned production of any volume size or part mix. Equipped with the world's first twin servo electric drive mechanism, the EG AR offers high speed and high accuracy bending, with lower power usage and a compact footprint. Features such as automatic angle measuring, offline programming, multiple part load/unload stations and an automatic tool changer all add to the systems impressive list of production capabilities.

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HD 1003 ATC

Amada’s HD 1003 ATC, equipped with an ATC (Automatic Tool Changer), provides unmatched flexibility and productivity. The ATC is capable of storing more than 86 feet (26.4m) of precision tooling. Locating and loading the appropriate tooling is performed quickly and efficiently. The system’s four-axis manipulator precisely selects and places punches and dies from the tool magazine — avoiding costly delays typically associated with conventional tool changes.

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Astro 165W NT

Amada’s new ASTRO 165W NT provides the ultimate bending solution for large parts and thick materials. This robotic bending system ensures safe, precise bending while reducing both labor and processing costs.

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Astro 100NT Series

The Astro 100NT is an automatic robotic bending system integrated with a 110-ton hydraulic press brake. It is designed for high-precision part productivity through reduced cycle times. The Astro 100NT is a totally unmanned robotic bending system, which increases productivity and profitability without increasing costly labor. The Astro 100NT incorporates a larger press brake with larger capacity robots. This enables process of bigger and/or heavier parts. The robot utilizes the entire length of ram allowing flexible multiple stage bending.



TBZ Panel Bender

The TBZ panel bender is a landmark automatic bending system completely different in concept from any conventional system. Simplified programming enables the system to check the profile of the fabricated part as well as any interface. User modifications to the program may also be performed prior to processing. The system is designed to provide bending from 180 to 45 degrees upward and downward, as well as hemming and radius bending. The TBZ processes new products without losing time for setup or warm up operations. Since it requires no hydraulic oil, the TBZ maintains a clean work environment. With Integrated automation, the TBZ is ideally suited to increase productivity while reducing costs in a variety of shop processing methods. The system may also be expanded and integrated with other line-spec Amada equipment.

Products: [TBZ 2523H]



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