General Fabrication



Togu Tool Grinder

Grinding is no longer the same old grind with the Togu III. Simply chuck a tool, choose your grind amount and hit the start button. The day of high-precision, automated grinding has arrived.

  • High-precision automated grinding designed specifically for turret punch press tooling
  • Servo-controlled wet rotary grinding provides unsurpassed surface finish significantly increasing tool life.
  • Easy operation-experienced grinding operators unnecessary.
  • Small footprint allows strategic shop placement.
  • Comes in various sizes of jigs and sleeves.

September 8-13 - IMTS 2014

September 9-11 - Amada Innovation Expo 2014

September 18 - DSC Seminar

September 23-24 - LME 2014

October 9 - LATC National Seminar

November 11-13 - FABTECH 2014 - Atlanta