Turret And Laser Automation


MP Single Shelf Loader

The MP single shelf loader automates the handling of small or large sheets and facilitates unmanned operation of the EM. The shelves on the MP can be retracted to allow manual loading of material. The MP is available in 4ft x 8ft and 5ft x 10ft models.

The RMP is the latest configuration added to the automation product line. It loads and unloads from the rear of the machine leaving the front of the machine completely open for manual operation.

Products: [MP 1225]  [MP 1530]     




ASR-M Automated Material Load/Unload System

Flexibility to produce smaller lot sizes in a variety of material types and thicknesses is provided by the additional shelves of the ASR-M material tower. The greater material capacity of the tower can extend unattended operation to multiple shifts. The ASR-M is ideal for lights-out operation in a lean environment.

Products: [ASR-M 6510]     




AS Material Storage/Load System

The AS6510 automated material storage and load system allows the vertical use of space, producing floor space savings and superior material management logistics. With the AS6510, speed and productivity are mathematically predictable and no longer linked to personnel motivation. Preprogrammed commands allow the system to work around the clock with limited operator intervention.

Products: [AS 6510]     



UL Material Unload/Stacker

The UL 510 unloader/stacker system allows high-speed unloading and stacking of material, providing complete unmanned operation. The system consists of a slat roller table, three-beam guided work holding clamps, and scissors table which automatically adjusts its height for neatly stacked sheets

Products: [UL 510]  




PRUL Automated Material Unload System

The PRUL automatically removes, sorts, and stacks parts; eliminating the need for micro-joints. The last hit of the part perimeter frees the part from the skeleton and vacuum cups on the PR removes the part from the machine table and places it in pre-programmed on a skid. The skeleton is removed and placed on a separate skid.

 Amada Turret Automation works with the Amada EM 2510NT and EMK 3610NT turret punch presses

Products: [PRUL 300 III]  



Laser Automation

What do you need to make your FO-NT the turnkey profit-maker you’re looking for? Fully automated load/unload? The ability to run a wide assortment of materials and sizes? Amada offers a diverse assortment of automation options that let you configure your system according to your specific operational requirements. All are designed to help you improve productivity and increase profits by reducing lead-time and cutting costs. The AMS3015 is designed to the meet the new demands placed on manufacturers for small lot sizes, quick turnaround, and lower part costs. AMS3015 in conjunction with the FO-NT laser, meets these goals by automating material handling, automating setup, and automating the flow of manufacturing information.

Add a second laser when things get busy. Overcarts, Undercarts, Extensions and Towers are all modular and able to be added at any time. Over 50% of Amada customers that have purchased an AMS3015 system have added a second laser.

Amada Laser Automation works with the Amada FO 3015NT laser.

Products: [AMS 3015 Laser Automation]     



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