AE NT Series

The AE255/2510NT Series

AMADA’s new AE NT series machines give fabricators the opportunity to affordably take advantage of the many newer processing capabilities available in punching — along with the additional benefits of a machine that is both environmentally-friendly and costs significantly less to operate and maintain than some older technologies.

AE255/2510NT Series Standard Features

  • The AE NT series utilizes an AC servo motor to drive the ram (eliminating the hydraulic power supply and chiller.
  • Electrical consumption is less than one-half of comparable hydraulic machines
  • Higher positioning speed improves productivity
  • Space-saving design takes the cost of valuable floor space
  • The AE NT offers significantly faster punching speeds than mechanical turrets
  • Brush table design provides scratch-free processing, eliminating secondary finishing, and also minimizes noise during positioning
  • PC-based network CNC Control
  • Connectivity with your entire shop through the machine’s NT-based controller, instantly access part programs, multi-media help files and production schedules
  • Power vacuum slug pull system (patent pending) virtually eliminates slug pull concerns
  • Available with 45 or 51 station, 4 auto-index turrets (58 station, 2 auto-index special order)


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