Laser Automation

AMS 3015 CL(T)

The AMS 3015 CL(T) was engineered to provide a flexible automation solution that reduces unnecessary machine downtime due to manual material loading. Manufactured with precision at our facility in Brea, California, the AMS CL(T) can automatically and consistently perform material handling operations — resulting in maximum machine productivity.

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TK 3015L & PSR 3015

The TK-L & PSR are designed to unload everything from the most intricate part nests to large panels. As laser nests are typically programmed with parts for different jobs, the TK-L and the PSR optimize downstream processes making production more efficient and profitable.

Laser Automation TK and PSR Laser Automationvpss

Products: [TK 3015L & PSR 3015 ]   Brochure: TK 3015L & PSR 3015    Play Video


CS/MARS Material Storage Systems

CS and MARS storage systems organize the manufacturing process so that machine up-time and machine efficiency are tremendously increased — providing for continuous, on-demand production with minimal supervision. Large material storage systems function as a centrally located material “hub” that provides storage and distribution of raw materials. Material is distributed to the appropriate laser, turret punch press, or press brake. Material can even be distributed to a simple IO (Input/Output) station so it can be picked up by a tow motor.CS/MARS System vpss CS and Mars systems can also return “in process” parts to the storage racks as well as store finished parts. CS and MARS systems are custom-configured for each customer’s specific needs with future expansion in mind — ensuring the most flexible and comprehensive automated environment. Intelligent control systems monitor material levels and will notify you when material needs to be restocked on a pallet.



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