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AMS 3015 CL & AMS 4020 CL

The AMS 3015 CL and AMS 4020 CL have been engineered to provide a flexible automation solution that reduces unnecessary machine downtime due to manual material loading. Precision manufactured in both our Brea, California and High Point, North Carolina facilities, the AMS 3015 CL can automatically and consistently perform material handling operations, which results in maximum laser productivity. Designed as a modular system, optional equipment, such as a tower or additional lasers, can be added seamlessly to better serve your future needs.

AMS CLT Series
AMS CL Series vpss

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AMS 3015 LL

The AMS 3015 LL (Linear Loader) is designed for shops requiring a narrower footprint. If your ability to add automation to your laser is limited due to walls, aisle ways, or other equipment, the AMS-LL can be a solution by keeping the system roughly the same width as the laser itself. Like all of the AMS systems, the AMS LL is designed and built in the USA and utilizes many of the same components as the other configurations. The simple and efficient design of the AMS LL can greatly increase the overall productivity of your laser without the need for more floor space.

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TK 3015L & PSR 3015

The TK-L & PSR part sorting robots unload and stack everything from the most intricate parts to large panels. As laser nests are typically programmed with parts for different jobs, the TK and the PSR optimize downstream processes making production more efficient and profitable. Available in both the 3015 (5’ X 10’) or 4020 (6.5’ X 13’) format, this system is available to meet your requirements.

Laser Automation TK and PSR
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ASFH 3015G + STRI 3015

Designed to accompany the ENSIS 3015 RI, the ASFH 3015G compact load/unload system allows for sheet material and product storage while the STRI 3015 provides the mechanics for cutting tube. This provides a versatile system for shops looking for both blanking and tube cutting in one system.

Laser Automation ASFH3015G+STRI3015

AS 6225

The AS 6225 load unload automation is designed for customers looking to optimize production on a large scale. With the ENSIS 6225 AJ working area of 6.2 meter x 2.5 meter (8’ x 20’), this accompanying automation allows storage and prep for multiple sheets to maximize processing time. The system is available with a second station for immediate product removal and also part marking ink jet printer (IJP).

Laser Automation AS 6225

CS/MARS Material Storage Systems

AMADA offers a variety of material warehousing systems. AMADA’s MARS is one of the storage systems that can help organize your manufacturing process from raw material to finished parts. These systems create a centralized location that acts as a “hub” for material and part flow from one process to the next. With the ability to connect to multiple blanking and bending machines at one time, systems like our MARS can feed material to a laser or punch and then return stacked parts back into the system where they can be retrieved later. Material warehousing systems are designed for larger scale storage, with the capability to have more shelves than a standard tower. In most cases, these systems will utilize hundreds of shelves, taking your material and parts storage vertical, saving valuable floor space. Since process flow now goes through this centralized hub, part and process management has never been easier to control.

CS/MARS System
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