Laser Automation — AMS 3015 CL(T)


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AMS 3015 CL(T)

The AMS 3015 CL(T) was engineered to provide a flexible automation solution that reduces unnecessary machine downtime due to manual material loading.

Manufactured with precision at our facility in Brea, California, the AMS CL can automatically and consistently perform material handling operations — resulting in maximum machine productivity.

The AMS CL(T) is a modular system that allows fabricators to easily expand their automation capabilities. With additional modules, the AMS CL(T) can seamlessly transition from a single cycle loader to a multi-shelf tower that can support multiple lasers. A symmetrical design allows modules to be placed on either the front or rear side of a laser's shuttle table to accommodate material flow.

The AMS CL was engineered based on a simple concept — AMADA automation grows with its customers.

Sample AMS 3015 CL(T) Configurations
System can be custom-configured and expanded as future demands evolve.

AMS 3015 CL(T) Automation Sample Configurations
 blank to bend


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