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Dr.ABE_Blank Features

  • Expert, User-friendly operation. Nearly all operations, from tool assignment to NC code generation, are automated.
  • Expert nesting functions and high material utilization, logical and appropriate tool assignment, optimized sequencing, etc. This is achieved with our
  • Expert compatibility. Compatible with the AP100 Data Manager System (MiniSDD, SDDJ) and various kinds of CAD data formats (*.dwg, *.iga, *.dxf, etc.). Geometry Nesting is natively supported and handles exceptionally well. Dr.ABE for Blanking allows a user to pull multiple file types and sources with native filetype support instead of integrating OLE imports in conjunction with other licensed applications.


Simple Edit

  • Edit Configuration
  • Edit Simple Tool Assignment
  • Modify Process Sequence
  • Connect to AP100CAD
  • Connect to AP100Simulation


Technology Succession

  • Set the condition according to every material
  • Detailed set the condition of tool assignment
  • Update tool assignment function


Reduce the operation

  • Nesting
  • Output part grid
  • Reduce process time


Full Automatic Process

  • Save Schedule
  • Output simple report
  • Backup/Restore


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