Press Brake Tooling

HRB AFH Press Brake Tooling

AMADA's Fixed Height (AFH ) Tooling for the HRB Series is an optimum solution to decrease setup times and increase flexibility. AFH Tooling features a consistent 120mm Punch height that eliminates frequent laser safety device adjustments and allows for safe stage bending across the length of the press brake.


AMADA Fixed Height Tooling — AFH

AMADA’s Fixed Height (AFH) press brake tooling reduces setup time, limits clamp interference and creates precise bend angles. AFH tooling utilizes punch profiles that are taller and narrower providing a larger part bending area. Multiple punch and die profiles have a common height, making brake setup fast and stage bending easy. Sectionalized tooling profiles increase setup versatility and AFH punches work in One Touch punch holder and Hydraulic CS Clamps for quick tool changeover.

press brake tooling

Press Brake Tooling — Euro Style

AMADA tooling is hardened and precision ground, providing optimal press brake performance. All critical tolerances are ground to within 0.0008" (.02 mm). AMADA precision performance helps eliminate secondary handling to correct errors while also helping to decrease bending costs. Information regarding AMADA’s complete line of Press Brake Tooling products is available at the link below.


Wing Bend Tool

AMADA's new bending die with winged surfaces allows mark-free bending because the sheet is not drawn through the die. The pivoting wing-surfaces can be used to bend short legs without deformation that may occur at penetrations near the edge line. Wing bending dies are available for sheet thicknesses of 0.5 to 6.0 mm and tool lengths of 50, 100 and 200 mm.




SGRIP Punch Holder

Today’s smaller lot sizes require fabricators to reduce press brake setup times. Now, you can reduce setup time on your existing brake by more than 50% while increasing operator safety with AMADA’s new SGRIP punch holder. SGRIP punch holder offers a convenient solution for upgrading your existing holders. SGRIP holds both European style tooling as well as AMADA’s latest One Touch AFH (AMADA Fixed Height) style tooling.



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