CO2 Laser Cutting System — LCG 3015


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LCG 3015

LCG Laser Cutting System Standard Features

The LCG is a true flying optic laser system — the material remains stationary as the cutting head moves in all three axes (X, Y & Z) to process the sheet. This translates into faster overall production and more accurate parts at higher cutting speeds. Additionally, the LCG can be fully automated with a variety of material handling options, designed and built by AMADA, or it can be equipped with a shuttle table system. The LCG is built to adapt to the evolving production environment of manufacturers. The cutting head is propelled by a high-dynamic motion system that achieves the accelerations and rapid traverse speeds of some, more expensive linear drive motion systems. With an advanced 3.5kW CO2 AMADA/Fanuc resonator, the LCG is a high-end, high-production laser system for the thin to mid-thick material market.

LCG features include:

  • AMADA/Fanuc 3500i-C resonator specifically designed for the LCG laser, achieving the same cut quality as a higher-powered CO2 machine
  • Includes an enclosure that surrounds the entire cutting area of the machine with access for part removal.
  • Utilizes a helical rack and pinion drive system for both the X and Y axis - allowing for higher acceleration and faster rapid traverse speeds compared to traditional rack and pinioin systems
  • Sectionalized dust collection system that opens only ducts directly beneath the cutting head for fume extraction, improving dust collection
  • AMNC/PC control with touch-screen and intuitive graphics display that easily swivels for operator viewing
  • High-speed cutting head with increased sensing speed, lens burn detection, auto-focus control and auto nozzle cleaning and head calibration


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