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HD 1003 ATC

Automatic Tool Changer and Bend Indicator Technology Eliminates Setup and Test Bends.

The high-performance HD series features a Hybrid Drive system that is engineered for low energy consumption and requires less hydraulic fluid than conventional machines. In addition to being eco-friendly, Amada’s Hybrid Drive system maintains a high rate of repeatability (± .00004”).

Maximizing Machine Green-Light-On Time

Equipped with an ATC (Automatic Tool Changer) the HD-ATC provides unmatched flexibility and productivity. The ATC is capable of storing more than 86 feet (26.4m) of precision tooling. Locating and loading the appropriate tooling is performed quickly and efficiently. The system’s four-axis manipulator precisely selects and places punches and dies from the tool magazine — avoiding costly delays typically associated with conventional tool changes.

Available on most models, Amada’s patented variable slit crowning feature ensures consistent angle accuracy.  Larger models are equipped with an auto-crowning feature that provides precise results based on calculations created by the AMNC-PC control.

Additional HD-ATC features and benefits include:

  • Quicker and more precise tool setup compared to manual operation

  • Automatic Bend Indicator (BI) sensor eliminates test bends and controls the bending process

  • Perfect for small lot sizes and complex tool layouts

  • Hybrid drive system and BI sensor technology ensures precision bending even if the operator lacks experience

  • Increased distance between tooling and greater stroke length provides for a larger processing area

  • 6-axis back gauge plus 2 additional independent L-axis for gauging of complex part geometries (L-Shift)


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