Amada Makes Automation Accessible.

This year, visitors to Amada’s booth will witness the latest advances in punching, bending and fiber laser technology. They will also experience how productivity levels for each of these technologies are greatly increased through automation.

Featured Machines Include:


With an innovative motion system and advanced structural design, the LCG 3015 AJ represents an optimal balance of cut speed, positioning acceleration and overall accuracy. An MPL automated material handling system provides for non- stop productivity.

   A high-precision 2kW fiber laser cutting system that provides 4kW cutting capabilities from thin-to-thick materials. To keep pace with the speed and versatility of ENSIS,Amada’s ASFH compact tower provides automated material handling and storage. Multiple shelves support a variety of material types and thicknesses.

Revolutionary punch/fiber laser combination machine combined with a Multi-Purpose Turret (MPT), provides maximum productivity while reducing secondary operations. The ASR 3015N TK extends unattended operation to multiple shifts while providing automated single-part separation and sorting.


         Is an innovative bending solution that leverages
         automation and robotic technology to increase
        precision and process reliability. Now,even small          lot processing can be performed cost-effectively.

Combines the power and precision of a servo electric press brake with an advanced bending robot. Its the ideal high-speed solution for small, complex parts — eliminating the need for human operation and the associated risk of dealing with difficult-tohandle small parts.

A high-speed bending solution that enables you to triple or quadruple the amount of setups performed each day and introduce rush jobs seamlessly.


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