FabriVISION Value Proposition


The speed and simplicity of FabriVISION Laser enables you to upgrade your quality process with minimal cost, training and effort. FabriVISION can reduce your inspection time by over 80%, providing you with less downtime, more throughput and 100% confidence. FabriVISION delivers the benefits that drive down the bottom line and can help you build and retain more business – faster turnaround, increased throughput, lower costs per part, reduced scrap and rework, and higher customer satisfaction.


FabriVISION’s advanced user interface allows team members with less developed skills to perform a QC inspection, reducing QC labor cost. This system also allows more parts to be inspected as operators can now take measurements and compare against the part data, offering a greater chance of detecting part defects. FabriVISION software offers the added flexibility of creating inspection files away from FabriVISION machine.