AP100US Value Proposition


AP100US utilizes a built-in 2D CAD system with sheet metal specific logic and direct integration with best-of-class 3D Solid Modeling packages. AP100US natively supports and interfaces with all industry-standard file formats, ensuring that you will be able to meet your client’s requirements.


AP100US is compatible across all makes and models of both punching and cutting machines, whether new or old. AP100US eliminates time-consuming programming processes with Automatic Tool selection, sheet layout and sequence optimization. Cutting attributes, conditions, lead-ins and lead-outs are also automatic. AP100US will generate programming code faster and more efficiently for all of your punching, cutting and combination machines. You can optimize material utilization with our optional IntelliNEST Nesting and Scheduling module. With the optional FabriBEND module, you can simulate the bending process, reducing the need for costly and time consuming prototypes.