IntelliNEST Value Proposition


Automated nesting saves time while still offering post-nest manual control for maximum material utilization and flexibility. Remaining open spaces (remnants) on your sheets can be put to use by relying on IntelliNEST. Many competing nesting solutions lack Assembly Part Control, and cannot handle several sheets of different materials when juggling nesting assignments.


IntelliNEST Features

The IntelliNEST nesting and scheduling module is more intuitive, allowing you to easily add parts to the schedule and process them for nesting. The new nesting algorithm improves the overall utilization of material, thereby reducing scrap and waste. You can also add sequenced sheets containing layouts, DXF and IGES files to your nest jobs. In addition, IntelliNEST provides part and material inventory management, and reporting capabilities. Nest jobs are automatically sorted according to material thickness and the number of punches required.