Amada tooling products are designed to integrate seamlessly with all Amada machines. Our tooling is subjected to exacting accuracy and endurance tests to guarantee peak performance. The knowledge that we have gained from extensive tooling experience has confirmed our conviction that the use of superior tooling ensures optimum production performance. Amada’s goal is simple; to provide quality tooling that maximizes productivity and extends machine and tool life.

Thick Turret Tooling Catalog 

Form Tooling Catalog 

Press Brake Tooling Catalog 

NCT Handbook 

Adjustable Z-Tooling  

Amada Z-Tooling precision adjustable tooling is the latest innovation for increasing the productivity and precision of your Amada punch press.

One Touch Punch Holder  

Achieve Safer and Faster Tool Changes With the Single-Lever Action of the Amada One Touch Punch Holder

Countersink Kit  

1/2" Quick-adjust countersink kit for a wide variety of material types and thickness

Air Blow Tooling  

Developed for Air-Blow System Users

Grooved Style Punches   The tool that stays in the holder even when the clamp is loosened.